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Sidney RittenbergSidney Rittenberg He is associated with many terms, from Mao's interpreter to Mao's prisoner, from his book “The Man Who Stayed Behind” to his documentary "The Revolutionary." But if to pick just one word, it would be optimism, with which he lived through so much wrongs yet came out still full of love for China. (06/2015)

WeaverKarl Weaver A veteran wireless business executive, Karl is different from others in the field in that he started his career in Taiwan after studying Mandarin Chinese there on a scholarship. After years working in Taiwan and in the Seattle area, he went for a bigger market by moving to Beijing. (01/2013)

BachmanDavid Bachman China Scholar, Professor, Jackson School of International Studies, UW, with books such as "The institutional Origins of the Great Leap Forward," talking about Bo Xilai, late Chinese leader Chen Yun, Mao's role in the Great Leap Forward, and activist lawyer Chen Guangcheng. (07/2012)

NgAssunta Ng Founder and publisher of the Seattle Chinese Post and Northwest Asian Weekly, and a community leader and organizer described by the Seattle Times as the "feisty" and "fearless" "human gateway" to the Asian American community in West Washington. (06/2012)

YangDori Jones Yang Former China correspondent for Business Week who covered the Tiananmen protests in June 1989, and author of historical novels such as the sequel "Daughter of Xanadu" and "Son of Venice," and oral history "Voices of the Second Wave: Chinese Americans in Seattle." (05/2012)

YuthokTsering Yuthok Born in Tibet, with childhood in India, education in Taiwan, and managed International Programs at the City of Seattle for twenty-some years, now busy working in retirement for the Tibetan community and culture, and worrying about the Tibetan situation in China. (03/2012)

JohnsonDarryl Johnson Educated in UW and Princeton, American ambassador to Thailand, with first China assignment to Hong Kong in 1969, handled the 2001 11-day American spy plane crisis in Hainan, China, described by fellow diplomat Nicholas Platt as one of Nixon's "China Boys" (03/2012)

LeeConrad Lee Born in Kunming, China, grew up in Hong Kong, came to the U.S. to find the American Dream, an engineer-turned politician, a pround "American by Choice," having served on the Bellevue City Council since 1994, and elected mayor of Bellevue in early 2012. (01/2012)

LiaoDaniel T.C. Liao Born in Taichung, Taiwan, feeling sad as a graduate student in 1979 when the U.S. switched its diplomatic relations from Taipei to Beijing, enthuisastic about today's closer relations between Taiwan and the mainland, Rep. of Taiwan in Seattle, 2008-11, now in Houston, TX. (10/2011)

WallerNancy Waller A "BIC," Born in China, to American education missionary parents working at the University of Nanking, lived next door to Pearl Buck who won Nobel Prize in Literature with "The Good Earth," and wrote her own book “My Nanking Home 1918-1937” afer turning 90. (07/2011)

RoyerCharles Royer An Army veteran, then TV news analyst, later three-term mayor of Seattle, Mayor Charley's most interesting experience was perhaps welcoming the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping to Seattle in 1979, the year the U.S. and China normalized their diplomatic relations. (05/2011)

DawsonJames Dawson A Seattle native, a land architect, in love with the Chinese culture after a trip to China in 1985, founded the Seattle Chinese Garden Society soon after and worked ever since for the building of the Garden, a project between Seattle and its sister city Chongqing. (03/2011)

LukeBettie S. Luke With family members who experienced the expulsion of the Chinese in Seattle in 1886, and a trail-blazer brother who was Seattle's first Asian American councilman, Bettie works to strenghthen the community as part of the Wing Luke Asian Museum, which carries her brother's name. (01/2011)