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Corbis Tank Man screenshot01/27/2016: What Was Bill Gates Thinking Selling Tank Man Image to China? Bill Gates recently sold the image archives and licensing business of Corbis to a Chinese company, including Tank Man, the iconic image of the 1989 Tiananmen protests. One wonders about the fate of those Tiananmen images and about the deal.

Hi-rise Xian 505/28/2015: High-Rises, High-Rises, More High-Rises: China's Urbanization on Steroids: When I was back in Xi'an in 2013, I saw a new airport, a new hi-speed train station, a new bridge, a new trade center, a new mall, etc. This time, I was drawn to the ever growing number of high-rises, mostly residential, everywhere.

Bookstore display02/02/2015: Now in bookstores: "My First Impression of China--Washingtonians' First Trips to the Middle Kingdom": There are people who read e-books, there are still others who prefer a paper copy. You can do so with my book in either ways. But If you do love the atmosphere of a bookstore and China tales, this one is for you.

University Bookstore launch12/18/2014: University Book Store Launch of "My First Impression of China": It was so kind of the University Bookstore to be able to host the launch party of my new book, especially at the year end and the start of the holiday season when there were a lot of things going on. It worked out!

Book cover
10/30/2014: My Seven Favorite 1st Trip to China Stories of Washingtonians: 35 stories. 35 trips to China. 35 years of changes of China as well as perceptions of the visitors. Each story is fascinating. You have to read them all. But here is a taste of the best of the stories, from some of the best Washingtonians.

Book party10/29/2014: "My First Impression of China" Dinner Party: It was such a warm event. Governor John Spellman was the first to arrive. The attendants were not just participants in this book project, they were my heroes in developing and building relations between Washington state and China.

MFI of China bookcover
09/12/2014: Notes on "My First Impression of China," the Book: With the idea of such a book in my head and trying out the idea between late 2012 and early 2013 and then starting the project in seriousness in June 2013, the book now is out! It was a lot of work, but it was my true labour of love!

China bikes 1980s 4/25/2014: Book Project Takes Me Down Memory Lane to a China of Bicycles: Working on this book of Washingtonians' first trip to China stories, I hear again and again how these first time visitors were awed by the sea of bicycles on China's street. I lived that China and I was on a bike, too.

Xian North Train Station07/30/2013: In Xian, They Are Building Like Crazy: Xian is my hometown. But as they say, you can never go home again. The "home" I grew up in is no longer there. With each visit, the place is more and more strange and less and less recognizable, with so many new buildings, roads, stores and everything. It's really crazy!

9875321 06/04/2013: Remember June 4th, or May 35th, or 9875321: Every year since that fatal morning on June 4th, 1989 in Tiananmen Square, the world has observed its anniversaries. But people inside China have not been able to even mention the date. But do they try to commemorate it in amazingly clever and brave ways!

Judy Hoarfrost 02/26/2013: Remembering Ping Pong Diplomacy with Judy Hoarfrost: You heard Ping Pong Diplomacy. But did you know one member of the American ping pong team that played in China and made history with the Chinese ping pong players was a girl from Oregon, Judy Hoarfrost? Find out what she knew about the Ping Pong diplomacy and the Chinese team captain Zhuang Zedong.