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 In Xian, They Are Building Like Crazy (Posted 07/30/2013)

Visited my hometown Xian in China again earlier this month. Each time I am there, I am overwhelmed by the new buildings or facilities completed or opened. In my short absence of less than two years, from my previous visit in October 2011, they finished the first six of the following eight constructions, four of which in just north-eastern part of the city:

Inland port Huanan town Tang market Wetland park New Ba bridge New terminal New train staion Sleepless city Tang

1.Xian International Trade and Logistics Park (西安内陆港), the largest inland free trade zone and the biggest logistics center in Northwest China.
2.Xian Huanan Town (华南城), to be the largest commodity distribution center in the nation, with 15,000 display stands of 12 product categories, from clothing to furniture.
3.Great Tang West Market (大唐西市), a new complex with a shopping mall and a museum, built on the grounds of a legendary market place of the Tang dynasty.
4.Chanba National Wetland Park (浐霸湿地公园), opened in April this year, situated where Ba River and Wei River meet, with an area of 3.08 square miles.
5.A new bridge spanning over the Ba River, one of three on the river now.
6.Xian Xianyang Airport Terminal 3, in operation since March this year.
7.Xian North High Speed Train Station, completed in 10 months, in operation since June 2010.
8.Great Tang City That Never Sleeps (大唐不夜城), the biggest tourist attraction in Xian in recent years. Built around the grounds of the Buddhist Pagoda Dayan of the Tang Dynasty, it offers shops, restaurants, sculptures, fountains, music, lights and more lights.

The last two were completed earlier, but I didn’t see them until this July.

How would you describe the building frenzy in Xian, or all over China, if not crazy? And we are not even talking about residential high-rises going up everywhere you look...