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 Now in Book-Stores: "My First Impression of China--Washingtonians' First Trips to the Middle Kingdom" (Posted: 2/2/2015)

MFI of China in bookstores

Many of us nowadays buy and read e-books, many others, however, still prefer visiting bookstores, especially their own local ones.

If you are one of those who enjoy picking up a real paper copy of a book, thumbing through the pages cover to cover, even checking out the back cover, you can do so now with my new book in several Seattle-area bookstores!

Island Books
Starting closer to home is Island Books on Mercer Island (Right). It is a warm and cozy gathering place for the Islanders, proudly owned by Roger and Nancy for over 30 years. If you are ever here on Mercer Island, check out the store and ask Roger or Nancy for my book.

Parkplace Books

Also on Eastside, in Kirkland, is the Parkplace Books in Parkplace Center (Left). There, my book has also found its way to the shelf. So if you would go shopping or go to the movies there, stop by the bookstore and ask the nice ladies, especially Rebecca, to direct you to "My First Impression of China."

Third Place Books
One of the largest area bookstores is Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park (Right). It is not just a place to browse and buy books, but also a place to eat. :-) It has such a merry atmosphere in there that you can really lose yourself for a while. I attended one memorable reading there by the famous author Simon Winchester of "The Man Who Loved China."

TPB display

Interestingly, while "My First Impression of China--Washingtonians' First Trips to the Middle Kingdom" is listed as political science or history elsewhere, at Third Place Books, if you look closely, the picture on the left, it is placed in the travel section, next to Jack London's "The Cruise of the SNARK!" That was the decision of Emily, the book buyer.

I guess she is right, my book is kind of a travel book, with 35 travels to China by 35 Washington travellers over 35 years!

Edmonds Bookshop
KCLS logo
Further north and west along the water in downtown Edmonds is the well-known Edmonds Bookshop (Left). Its sunny and cheerful owner Mary Kay will help you find a copy of my book. I have been in Edmonds a number of times, including once attending a Write on the Sound conference, of which Edmonds Bookshop is a proud sponsor.

Besides community bookstores, King County Library System has also ordered a number of copies of "My First Impression of China--Washingtonians' First Trips to the Middle Kingdom." Check it out!