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 Book Project Takes Me Down Memory Lane to a China of Bicycles (Posted 04/25/2014)

In 2012, a book titled "My First Trip to China: Scholars, Diplomats and Journalists Reflect on their First Encounters with China" was published in Hong Kong. It inspired me so much that I began a year ago to work on a Washington state version of such a collection of stories, with this working title, "My First Impression of China--Washingtonians' First Trips to the Middle Kingdom."

I reached out to a large number of Washingtonians, including government and business leaders, inviting them to participate in this project. With reactions such as "Sounds like an interesting book," "Good luck with your ambitious project," I have been happily interviewing people and/or receiving their submissions about their first trip to China.

It has also been a trip for me down a long memory lane, especially to the China of the 1970s-80s, a China I lived under. One of the first impressions of China common to many of the participants was the bicycles, bicycles, and bicycles. I know. I was one of those millions on those bicycles in those years.

I am still working on the book. Hope it will come out soon one way or another. Before that, here are a few old pictures of a China of bicycle traffic jams:

China bikes 80s

More China bikes 80s

Bushes biking in Beijing

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