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 OK, About Myself...  

Well, let me start with Wen, my first or chosen name. Wen is the pronunciation of this Chinese character, , which means an artistic kind of cloud. The character is composed of two parts, with rain on top and culture on the bottom. To make things easier and less confusing, however, I sometimes use Wendy, the Americanized form of Wen.

I am originally from Xi'an (西安), China, yes, where you also find the famous Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang, or First Emperor Qin. I have a BA in English from Xian Foreign Languages Institute and an MS in Technology And Science Policy from Georgia Institute of Technology. Over the twenty plus years living in Seattle, I have been mostly working independently, as a China business consultant, translator and writer.

What I enjoy most, however, is writing, especially about China-related topics. I started out with an opinion column in a local paper called Federal Way Mirror. My first breakthrough with a regional paper, The Seattle Times, came in 1999 when my column titled "WTO Membership No Picnic for China made the Op-Ed page. A number of guest columns followed after that.

Over the years, I have also contributed to other local and international news and/or magazine publications, including Northwest Asian Weekly and Chinese American Forum here in the Northwest, and 环球时报Global Times)and 环球人物 ( Global People ) in China.

From mid 2012 to early 2014, I wrote for contextChina.com , or 太平洋中国通, which has a focus on China news with a Northwest perspective.